Transition Year 2015/2016


On the 4th of September, the T.Y.s of 2015 went to Cappanalea outdoor activity centre. The bus departed outside St. Patrick’s school at 08:45 bound for Cappanalea. On arrival we were met by the staff and our schedule laid out for us. Within minutes we were sailing in kayaks on the nearby lake. Some of us mastered sailing instantly, while others fell out of there kayaks many times.

After kayaking we proceeded to go orienteering. We were split into groups of three and let loose in the woods for 30 minutes. This was a great team building exercise as we all had to work together in order to find all the hidden markers.

After that, the class was split into two. One half of the class went skipping while the others went rock climbing… with a twist! Instead of climbing up, we had to climb sideway and had to collect rubber ducks in order to earn points.

The last activity was a race. Each team had stand on long wooden planks and race to the end. By the end of the day we were all talking to each other and had bonded. It was a great start to T.Y.

By Leona Mc Enery & David B. O Connor



The TY surfing trip is the trip the class can almost unanimously agree was the best experience we’ve had over all. The trip took us to Banna Beach where we were greeted by three instructors who gave us a bit of a basic outline of the day and afterward started handing out wetsuits..
As soon as we were all ready, they got us our surf-boards and took us out to the beach. There we were given safety instructions and a demonstration of how we were supposed to use the boards. Needless to say, we all looked pretty silly paddling in the sand.
When we finally got into the water – there was a ton of seaweed – it was great fun. We had calm weather but there were some relatively big waves, considering. We got to play around a bit and get the hang of catching said waves until they took us out to the beach again teach us to stand up on the boards. Once that was done, oh boy did we have some fun. This isn’t an experience I’ll soon forget.

By Alex Browne

F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is a global competition where students design and build a 1/20th scale F1 racing car capable of travelling over 110 km/hr. This year 3 T.Y. teams entered the F1 in schools international competition and all three have reached regional finals. There are 6 students on each team. Each student has a certain role on each team and is allocated jobs according to their role. Students learn and improve skills such as team work, team bonding, IT skills and many more.

Driver Education

Students completed a driver Education course in Munster Driving School, Mallow recently. They learned about the different parts of the engine, how it works, how to steer a car and lastly how to change a tyre. They also learned some theory for the Driver Theory test. Lastly they had a driving lesson on a course which had traffic lights, signs, a roundabout, junctions  and a hill to do hill starts.

Gaisce- The Presidents Award

All T.Y. students get the opportunity to achieve a Bronze Gaisce Award. The aim of The President’s Award is to encourage and motivate young people to achieve their full potential. The four sections of activity involved in the Bronze award are:

  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Skill
  • Physical Recreation
  • Adventure Journey
Young Social Innovators

YSI stands for Young Social Innovators. This programme focuses on empowering young people, like us, to use our talents to be social innovators. This is done through experiencing and developing our innate sense of justice, responsibility and capacity to create a fairer more caring and equal society.  Our project involves raising awareness of Downs syndrome. We came up with the Slogan “Say no to labels, everyone’s able”

On Monday the 1st of February we received a visit from two volunteers from Down Syndrome Kerry, Sarah Kelleher and Rachel Fitzgerald, along with their children who both have Down syndrome. We greatly anticipated their visit as they were going to teach us Lámh, a sign language used for people with a disability who develop their verbal skills later than others or some may not speak at all. On the 5th February we paid a visit to the Latch On Group in Tralee I.T. We have also had recent visits from Politicians to raise awareness for out project.

We held an Oreo milkshake fundraiser in our school, which was a great success!

The YSI Speakout is on March 14th. During the speakout we will illustrate our project to judges. Wish us luck!

Press Pass Competition

Lorraine Hanrahan_love_rings

The Press Pass awards ceremony took place on March 14th 2016 at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

Shortlisted students were invited to attend along with their teachers and families. Awards were presented for third, second and first place in the five categories – sport, news, comment/opinion, features and photojournalism.  Separate to the category winners, there was an overall winner.

Lorraine Hanrahan entry for the photojournalism category made it through to the Press Pass awards and on the day, Lorraine was successful on winning first prize in her category. Well done Lorraine!

Other activities:
  • Running a Schools Credit Union
  • 121 Digital
  • First Aid course
  • Defibrillator Training
  • SVP youth for Justice Programme
  • Volunteering – Indoor Market & Women’s Mini Marathon
  • TY Enterprise – Bank of Ireland Enterprise Town Exhibition
  • Film making
  • Art Project
  • Athletics Day
  • Craft Fair – River Island
  • Guest Speakers