Summary of main strengths as identified in last SSE in December 2015
  • Communities of practice have been set up in the areas of literacy, numeracy, AFL and E-Learning.
  • Data is gathered on literacy, numeracy and AFL on an annual basis.
  • The school has theme weeks to highlight numeracy and literacy across a range of subjects throughout the school year.
  • Cross curricular planning is well developed in the school.
  • Reading for pleasure is being actively encouraged in the school.
  • Students learn in teacher based classrooms with a print rich environment.
  • Maths week is very well developed in the school, science students are actively encouraged to participate in SCI-FI.
  • ICT is excellent throughout the school, each classroom has a computer and data projector.
  • Both teachers and students regularly contribute to the literacy and numeracy boards in the school.
  • We have a vibrant student council.
  • There is an excellent support structure for students in the school.
  • Classes are small at junior cycle with no class having more than 24 students.
Summary of main areas requiring improvement as identified in last SSE:
  • 35% of students read for pleasure for less than 1 hour per week.
  • When handing back class tests only 21% of teachers ask students to calculate their own percentage score.
  • 14% of teachers rarely share resources, ideas and strategies with their colleagues.
  • According to the students survey just over 50% of teachers always/regularly provide students with pointers on how to successfully complete their homework.
  • According to the students survey just over 60% of teachers share the success criteria for a module when starting the module.
  • 43% of teachers do not encourage students to read for pleasure.
Improvement targets (related to students’ achievement)
  • To increase the number of students reading for pleasure for 1 hour or more per week from 35% to 50%.
  • To have all teachers asking students to calculate their own percentage score when handing back class tests.
  • To have all teachers sharing the success criteria for modules when beginning new topics.
  • That all teachers will encourage their students to read for pleasure by designing strategies/projects to encourage reading for pleasure in their subject area.
  • To have all teachers writing the learning intentions, key words and success criteria for homework embedded by years end.
  • To have all teachers working together sharing resources, strategies and ideas through participation in the newly established communities of practice.
Required actions (Related to Teaching and Learning that will help to achieve the targets)
  • The students surveyed in October 2015 will be surveyed again in May 2016 to determine if improvements, as outlined above, have been made in our school improvement plan.
  • Teachers will meet once a term in our communities of practice to discuss progress, share ideas, resources and strategies to improve teaching and learning in our school.
  • Teachers will continue to attend CPD on developing AFL in our school.
  • All teachers will share the learning intentions, explain key words and discuss the criteria for successfully completing homework where possible in each class.
Persons responsible
  • All staff- each teacher is responsible for his/her subject area
  • Management to provide opportunities for CPD in AFL.
  • Management will set aside time during our Croke Park hours so that our communities of practice can meet.
Timeframe for action

This is year 3 of a 3 year SIP and it is envisaged that this work will be achieved by end of May 2016.

Review date(s)

May 2016