Well-Being Policy

Presentation Secondary School,

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  Signed: Mr. Ned O’Callaghan

  Chairperson Board of Management

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   Board Member

  Date: April 2016

Adopted by the Board of Management

Wellbeing Policy

We define Wellbeing as care of the individual in the school to ensure they are contented, healthy and successful.

In Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland our priority is the contentment and well-being of our students as outlined in our mission statement. We view ourselves as a learning school, we strive to develop a culture where in the students can develop a passion and a love of learning, preferably lifelong learning.

Presentation School is a girls’ secondary school, which is based on Nano Nagle’s vision of bringing God’s love to all people and is dedicated to an all-round Christian education based on gospel values.

Mutual respect is the corner-stone of our philosophy. Parents, pupils, staff and management all have an important role to play in communicating this message in school life at Presentation Secondary School.

We strive to achieve this in the following ways:

  • All teachers have a role to play in their individual subject departments
  • Teachers are continuously conscious of developing positive relationships to ensure wellbeing of staff and students
  • A variety of extra-curricular activities ensure wellbeing of students is provided for.
  • We endeavor to create links with external agencies and parents
  • Workshops on positive mental health and managing myself and others are provided for students on an annual basis
  • Senior students are offered Healthy Sexuality workshops from Killarney Counselling Services
  • Junior students are offered life skills workshops from Kerry Life Education
  • Retreat and reflective opportunities are provided throughout the school year
  • Theme weeks are dedicated to developing positive relationships and wellbeing
  • The school has a dedicated Pastoral Care team
  • A student council represents the student voice
  • Mentoring programmes promote positive relationships
Curricular Provision:
  • All subjects planning will include for Wellbeing
  • Topics/modules on Wellbeing are addressed in a variety of subjects e.g. S.P.H.E., Home Economics, Religious Education, and P.E.……
Extra-Curricular Activities 2016/2017
  • Well Being Week

A week dedicated to ‘Well-Being ‘seeks to promote all faculties (spiritual, social, academic, mental etc.) of the person. It also requires a whole community approach. Hence, our school’s Well-Being Week seeks to highlight what keeps us well, content and whole. Activities include: Posters & competition on Positive mental health, Healthy Eating and Healthy lifestyle presentations and competitions, Meditation classes & Yoga classes, Sporting activities, Positive thoughts wall….

  • Presentation Castleisland is proud to be titled a ‘Health Promoting School’ where students are encouraged to be active, healthy and well with access to a wide and diverse range of activities.
  • Students are encouraged and provided with opportunities to display their talent on an annual basis through participation in school talent shows, musicals etc.
  • The Weakest Link quiz competition promotes literacy amongst the Junior Cycle students and is also a social activity for those involved.
  • Music and Drama play an important role in school life, with musical instruments and the facility of the music room available to all students.
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Retreats
  • Meditation and Prayer Services in RE
  • Friends for Life
 Links with other School Policies:
  • Code of Behaviour
  • Child Protection
  • S.E.
  • P.H.E.
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Acceptable Use Policy (I.C.T.)
  • Critical Incident
  • Dignity in the Workplace
Guidance: Guidance Counselling
  • Personal guidance and counselling
  • Educational guidance and counselling
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Provision of sensitive care and support to students learning to cope with many facets of their personal development (Extension of the first point)
Year Head:
  • Monitoring of academic progress.
  • Implementation of Code of Behaviour which helps provide a safe space for all students in which to develop.
  • Acknowledgement of achievement – positive feedback.
  • Assemblies provide a forum for students to voice their issues/opinions

Teacher student mentoring – exam students

  • Teachers opt to regularly check in with assigned exam students in the last 2 terms of the academic year. This support offers each individual student an opportunity to express concerns and/anxieties with regard to study as they arise. It is another layer of support for the students as they face the examinations. (Did this happen in 2016???)

Peer mentoring

  • Senior students are trained to work with first year students to ensure a smooth transition to Post primary school. The students are trained in the previous year so that they can share their skills with the incoming first years. Formal and informal meetings are offered to the first years to support them as they integrate into our school.
  • We constantly review how our school provides and promotes positive wellbeing
  • Student surveys provide regular feedback from both staff and students. This provides evidence based intervention to inform future planning.
  • This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.