Surfers Paradise – Castlegregory

September 27, 2017
Pierce Dargan

The TY’s headed to Castlegregory for the surfing excursion, where we were greeted by the instructor who gave them a bit of a basic outline of the day and afterwards started handing out wet suits..
As soon as they were all ready, they were each given a surf-board and taken out to the beach. Then they were given safety instructions and a demonstration of how they were supposed to use the boards. Needless to say, they all looked pretty silly paddling in the sand.
When they finally got into the water, it was great fun. The students had poor weather conditions but there were some relatively big waves tho. They got to play around a bit and they got the hang of catching said waves until they took them out to the beach again, teaching them how to stand up on the boards. Once that was done, oh boy did they have some fun. This isn’t an experience they will soon forget.

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