Health and Wellbeing Advice

So many people use lockdown as an excuse to avoid exercising and looking after their health. The reality is that now, more than ever, it is vital that people prioritise their health and wellbeing. With our local sports teams and social outlets been put on hold yet again, we can easily allow our current circumstances to give us an excuse to avoid exercising or take up bad habits. Attached is a link to our very own Presentation Castleisland Padlet. This platform has been created to provide everyone with an array of home workouts, wellness podcasts, yoga, pilates, dance and zumba workouts, as well as useful apps that can be downloaded. These are all aimed at boosting our mental and physical health. This Padlet will be frequently updated with new material. The reality is that all we need is 20 minutes of our time, a bottle of water and a small space in our own homes, to follow a workout on our phone. Be kind to yourself and prioritise what is best for you during these times, even if it is just for 20 minutes of a 24 hour day.

You can also access the padlet through the school website with the following link:


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