Different Lens: North-South Digital Literacy History Project

Presentation Secondary school was invited in the 2016-2017 School Year to participate in a jointly funded North-South collaborative History project involving Digital Storytelling through the medium of film entitled, “Different Lenses”, North South Digital Literacy History Project.  This was a project run by the PDST in conjunction with their Northern Irish counterpart AMMA which saw twelve schools being selected (six from the North and six from the South).  The target student groups are 2nd years.   Our school was invited as one of the six schools to represent the south.

Our project was a short film entitled ‘Bob Finn & the Moonlighters in Castleisland’. It was based on the founding of the Moonlighters by Castleisland man Bob Finn during the Land War in the 19th Century. All Second year students were involved, with 8 Second Year Students travelling to Armagh to showcase the film at the Digital Connection Showcase of History Short Film.

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