Partners in Education

Presentation Castleisland acknowledges and recognises the important contribution that all Partners in Education contribute in making our school the success that it is. Through fostering and emphasising the important role that the Partners play that the schools vision ethos and direction is maintained and continued. The excellent relationship between students, staff, Board of Management, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and the broader community helps create a positive environment in our school.


The philosophy and ethos of our school is central to the role of our staff here in Presentation Secondary School. The teacher is central to the school’s educational philosophy especially in regard to the teaching and learning. Our staff’s expertise in their relevant subject areas insure that all curriculum needs are met.


In continuing the educational philosophy of Nano Nagle and by following the values laid down in the CEIST Charter, the school sees the well being of our students as being important and by taking a holistic approach in respect of their education it ensures that we strive to encourage students to become the best that they can be. The school prides itself in the knowledge that when our students leave us that they are caring, confident independent learners who recognise the importance of family, community and education in their lives.

School and Home

Through good relationships with the home the school ensures and recognises that parents/guardians are the Primary educators of their daughters. By strengthening this valuable link, both the school and parents together can strive to ensure that the student can be the best that they can be. The importance of the school Journal can never be overstated as it provides an important communicative link between school and home. Home-School links are a significant aspect of the student’s education. Parent(s) /Guardian(s) receive progress reports twice yearly, based on Christmas and Summer Exams. These reports monitor academic performance, attendance and behaviour. All year groups will also have a Parent/Teacher Meeting each year where Parents/Guardians are informed of their child’s progress.

Community Relations

Educational Partnership is cemented by a good relationship with the wider community. Community involvement in school life alerts the student to the importance of community and its role and influence on them whilst they are students but also as adults. The school always encourages students to participate in fundraising events throughout the school year.

School Management

Under the trusteeship of CEIST, the Board of Management manages and guides the school in achieving its aim of providing the best possible education for it’s students. The Board of Management constitutes another vital link and support as a partner in education. The Board of Management of the school consists;

• Four members who are nominated by the Trustees of the school.
• Two parents of students who are currently enrolled in the school.
• Two representatives of the teaching staff.
• The Principal who is the Secretary to the Board.