Student Supports / Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care:

Pastoral Care plays a very important role in our school. The school has a Pastoral Care Team made up of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Career Guidance Teacher, Learning Support Teachers, Special Needs Assistant and Year Tutors. Pastoral Care within the school is seen through the
(a) Affirming positive behaviour
(b) Induction and mentoring First Years
(c) Year Tutor system
(d) Anti-Bullying Policy
(e) Guidance Counselling
(f) Student Council
(g) Mass/Retreats
(h)Workshops with Kerry Life Skills

Careers & Guidance Counselling

The Careers and Guidance Counselling Department provides awide range of services. These include some of the most up-to-date techniques in guidance and counselling. All pupils from First Year to Leaving Certificate level receive advice on important issues such as study skills, subject choice and career options. Among the supports available to students and parents/guardians are: Study Skills, Careers Exhibitions, Assessment Tests, Visits to Educational Institutions, Subject Choice Seminars, Guest Speakers from Educational and Employment Institutions, Interests Inventories,
Application Procedures for Further, Education and Employment, Individual Interviews, Interview Skills, Career Matching, Counselling and Referral.

Student Council

The school places important value on the ‘Student voice’. It is important to recognise the opinion of students, opinions that exist solely for the betterment of the school. As a result the school has a very active Student Council.
Presentation Student Council has twenty five members.  Annual elections are held, were students put themselves forward by completing an application form. The Student Council are involved in various events and activities throughout the year, including parent-teacher meetings, open and induction days and also have a huge say in changes within the school. Recent changes include the reintroduction of the school skirt and yearly updates to the student journal.


Homework is central to the students development of becoming an independent learner. Homework ensures that what is taught in the classroom is re-inforced through homework. Homework is central to teaching students to take ownership of their own learning.

Anti-Bullying Policy

At Presentation Secondary, we believe that every student has the right to pursue her education in a safe, caring and respectful environment. The school through its Anti-Bullying Policy emphasises respect of all for each other. Pastoral Care plays an important role in ensuring this philosophy; a philosophy that is reinforces through our Christian ethos.

Learning Support/ Special Needs

With a greater understanding of learning difficulties prevalent today, we are glad to be able to facilitate those who are experiencing such
difficulties. We provide both group and individual tuition. Techniques used include circle time, shared reading, role-play and group discussion.
Learning Support addresses the special needs of students in the areas of reading, comprehension,word recognition, phonic skills, digraphs, vowel sounds and maths.

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