Three Young Scientists Showcase at National Final

Cait O’Mahony, Ellen Dennehy and Siobhan Brosnan in Transition Year competed in the BT Young Scientist Competition in the RDS from 9th – 12th January.

The girls have worked hard on their project ‘An Examination of Racist Attitudes among Young People in Ireland’.

This project was selected as one of 550 projects that was on display during this week at BT Young Scientist.

To carry out their project, these students have surveyed a wide group of teenagers of different ages from across the country.

Make a Difference

By doing this, students have found what demographics and age groups show the highest levels of racist attitudes.

Cait, Ellen and Siobhan decided to do this project because they believe it could make a difference in society and could help prevent racism. They also wanted to raise awareness of racism among young people.

Our school is promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among our students by partaking in a STEM School Excellence programme.

A Beacon School

Our school has been chosen as a beacon school to train our students to become STEM role models for younger female students in primary schools. It is hoped, by engaging in this programme, students of Presentation Castleisland will aspire to eventually pursuing STEM-related careers having had the opportunity to engage with 3rd level academic centres of excellence such as IT Tralee and UCC.

All staff and students at Presentation Secondary are very proud of the Cait, Ellen and Siobhan at such a presitigious event. Well done girls!


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