Welcoming Ceremony for First Years and their Families

On Thursday 5th October our first year students along with their families attended the annual welcoming ceremony in St. John’s hall at 7.30 pm. The ceremony was lead by principal Katherina Broderick and prayers of the faithful were read by five first years. Each individual primary school was represented by a card with name of the school and students who attended on each.

The school choir performed at the ceremony lead by music teacher Mrs. O’Connor. The choir is made up of students from all years including most first year students.

Each individual students name was decorated and displayed on the walls of St. Johns hall for the ceremony. A time capsule containing the views, ideas and aspirations of each student was made and will be kept in a safe place and opened on the day of the students sixth year graduation. The time capsule and the beautiful school crest with the hand prints of each first year student was put together by the students and under the guidance of Ms. O’Reilly (Art Teacher).

The ceremony was followed by light refreshments, organised and ran by members of the student council. This ceremony symbolises the coming together of thel first year students from their various primary schools, into their new community here at Presentation Castleisland. We look forward to the joyous and exciting years ahead.


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