Celebrating Inspiring Women on International Women’s Day

March 15, 2024

At our school, students from all years came together to honour International Women’s Day. They shared speeches about incredible women who have shaped history and continue to inspire us today. Among those celebrated were Edith Cavell, Susan B. Anthony, Queen Isabella of Spain, and Princess Diana.

Edith Cavell, a brave nurse during World War I, showed kindness to all, regardless of which side they were on. Susan B. Anthony fought hard for women’s right to vote, paving the way for equality. Queen Isabella sponsored Christopher Columbus’ voyage, leading to important discoveries. Princess Diana was known for her kindness and dedication to helping others.

Through these speeches, students reminded us of the importance of recognizing and celebrating women’s achievements. International Women’s Day is a time to honour progress in gender equality and to inspire future generations. Let’s continue to learn from these remarkable women and strive for positive change in our world.