International Student Programme

Céad Míle Fáilte. Welcome to Ireland.

Presentation Castleisland is a participating host school for international students who wish to complete an exchange programme in Ireland. Located in beautiful Co. Kerry, the school welcomes students every year from around the world to be part of our learning community and study within the highly acclaimed Irish education system. Exchange students are immersed in Irish culture at Presentation Castleisland, living in part of Ireland most famous for its natural beauty and friendly welcome. Students thrive in the personal growth and development that comes with an experience to live and study in another country. Presentation Castleisland hosts students from First year all the way up to Sixth year (typically ages 12-19).

While on an exchange programme in Presentation Castleisland, students have an opportunity to:

  1. Study in a school which consistently scores higher than the national average in academic achievement, and in which there is an extremely high level of student progression to third level education.
  2. Study a selection of optional subjects, in addition to a number of core subjects.
  3. Develop proficiency in spoken and written English, and study additional languages of French, Spanish and Irish.
  4. Be taught, supported and guided by award winning teachers.
  5. Develop lifelong friendships with both like-minded exchange students and Irish students in the school.
  6. Take benefit from the spiritual and human development promoted by school management and develop important life skills in Wellbeing.
  7. Share the cultural traditions and experiences of their home countries with the school community through international cultural days, presentations, project design and competition.
  8. Join a school where collaboration, co-operation and partnership between home, school, community, parish and diocese are emphasised, encouraged and enabled.
  9. Participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities and events provided by the school to enhance the skills, creativity and enjoyment of all students.
  10. Complete the formal Irish State examinations, if desired (subject to conditions).


Testimonial from students:

“Through this exchange experience, I am discovering Ireland, its food, its culture and its famous places.  I am learning a lot about other countries too thanks to the other exchange students who are participating in this experience with me in Presentation Castleisland.  I am living this experience to the fullest and it will remain forever in my heart.  Moving away from my country has helped me to appreciate more of the things I take for granted at home. After this experience, I now know I want to do an Erasmus at university.  Unrepeatable and unforgettable.”

Sara Galluccio, Italy


“The students and teachers are so welcoming in Presentation Castleisland and helped me when I struggled with the English language or I needed help in any subject.”

Svea Drebenstedt


“This school has given me so much confidence and helped me to grow and develop a lot.
The teachers and students in Presentation Castleisland are always friendly and helpful.”

Seira Iwasaki, Japan


“The school’s system allowed me to focus on subjects that are important for me for my future. With the great classroom atmosphere and the option to study subjects at different academic levels, I was able to learn fast and effectively.”

Emily Sue Glasser, Germany


“This experience has led to new friends, a new family, the knowledge of a new culture, a lot of confidence and, of course, more fluent English. Even though I wasn’t originally supposed to come to Ireland, I wouldn’t change anything about my exchange.”

Sofia Aquilano


“Being an exchange student in Presentation Castleisland helped me understand more of myself, how I interact with others and what are the things that are really important to me in life.”

Giulia Zangrando


“My English is so much better after this exchange experience in Presentation Castleisland. I can express myself without having to translate everything all the time.”

Yara Hauser