Parents Forum

The Parents Forum is the primary structure through which parents of students in Presentation Castleisland can work together with school management and staff for the best possible holistic educational outcomes for all of our young people. All parents and guardians of students attending Presentation Castleisland are automatically members of the Parents Forum. Through the forum, your voice can be expressed and heard. You can have your say in the formation of school policies, suggest ideas, meet like-minded people and make new friends.

The overall aims of the Parents Forum are to:

  • Act as a voice for parents and guardians
  • Encourage active parent participation in promoting the wellbeing and interests of all pupils in the school
  • Participate in the formation of school policies
  • Promote parental networking and participation in educational and extra-curricular activities
  • Organise information presentations for parents and guardians on matters that are topical or relevant
  • Organise fundraising activities where relevant
  • Ensure that parents and guardians are informed of developments and changes in the school
  • Support the school in all of its activities and come up with new ideas to benefit and complement those of the school

The Parents Forum holds regular meetings throughout the year to carry out this valuable work. We actively encourage participation in our events and attendance at our meetings and are delighted to see new faces and to hear new perspectives at any stage of the school year.