School Uniform

Pictured right is the uniform which will be in place in Presentation Secondary School Castleisland from August 2021 to June 2022.

The uniform is as follows:
• White shirt
• School jumper
• School shirt/pants
• School jacket
• Black/navy tights
• Plain black/navy shoes.

While the school skirt is the official uniform a navy trousers may be worn.

A specific P.E. uniform is not required.

The school jumper, jacket and trousers are available in David Costello’s, Main Street, Castleisland.

The skirt can be purchased from the supplier through the school.


School Calendar


Year Heads

The role of the year head is a very varied one. It generally involves:
• Welfare & wellbeing of the students in the year group
• Monitoring academic progress, attendance etc.
• Acting as a Link person for students and parents
• Pastoral care
• Explanation of school’s policies
• Promotion of school ethos
• Creating a sense of connection to the school community
• Promoting positive class spirit
• Affirmation of achievement

Different year groups have different needs and each year heads role varies accordingly. Examples of this include: Managing the transition from primary to secondary school, examinations, organising events etc.

Year Heads