School Uniform

Presentation Secondary School Castleisland requires that all students wear the full and correct school uniform. When students wear the school uniform they are ambassadors for the school in the community. As such, they should take pride in their appearance and be aware of upholding the valued traditions which they represent. Wearing the school uniform helps to further enhance a sense of community, identity and also promotes respect for self and peers. The uniform also aligns with our vision statement of our school.

Full school uniform must also be worn by students on school outings or when representing the school or supporting school teams. The full and correct school uniform comprises of:

  • Navy jumper with school crest (available in David Costello’s, Main Street, Castleisland).
  • Plain white shirt.
  • Navy & white tartan school skirt (available through the school or Walsh Brothers, New Street, Killarney). It must be worn to knee length or longer. Shortening or rolling of the skirt is not permitted.
  • Plain navy, full length, straight legged, smart trousers may be worn instead of the school skirt. No cropped trousers and no rolling of the trousers permitted. No leggings or tracksuit bottoms allowed.
  • Plain black or navy tights only. No clear tights or tights with any other colour, pattern, design or graphic. Tights must accompany the school skirt.
  • Plain black or navy socks only. No other colours allowed. No socks with patterns, designs or graphics. Socks worn over the trousers is not permitted.
  • Plain black or navy footwear. They must be completely navy or black. No footwear above the ankle. In the interest of safety, students are not permitted to wear shoes with platform or any kind of high heels. No fleeced material footwear. Runners are allowed to be worn with the uniform but must be completely black or navy.
  • A school jacket is available to order through Walsh Brothers, New Street, Killarney. Walsh’s also supply navy trousers as outlined above in point four.
  • A three piece PE uniform is available to order through the school, consisting of a tee-shirt, crew neck jumper and leggings/tracksuit bottoms. The PE uniform must be accompanied by suitable sports footwear, such as runners.
    The school PE crew neck jumper and the school jacket are the only jumper or jacket allowed to be worn over the school uniform in school. No other jumper, jacket or hoodie is allowed.

*Note* The school navy and white tartan skirt is required for official school events and outings and must be purchased by all students. A navy pants as outlined above can alternatively be worn on a daily basis, if preferred.


School Calendar


Year Heads

The Year Head on behalf of the school community takes on the role of overseeing the welfare of a year group so that learning, at every level of the person, is supported. It generally involves:
• Welfare & wellbeing of the students in the year group
• Monitoring academic progress, attendance etc.
• Acting as a Link person for students and parents
• Pastoral care
• Explanation of school’s policies
• Promotion of school ethos
• Creating a sense of connection to the school community
• Promoting positive class spirit
• Affirmation of achievement

Different year groups have different needs and each year heads role varies accordingly. Examples of this include: Managing the transition from primary to secondary school, examinations, organising events etc.