Team Teaching & Peer Observation

Team Teaching

Team Teaching is when two (or more) teachers share the teaching in a class, including planning and evaluation. Teachers in Presentation use this practice effectively to support our students. It allows students to benefit from the expertise and experience of two teachers. It also facilitates more differentiated learning, group work and supports students with additional learning needs in the mainstream classroom.

Team teaching methods can be very flexible and take a variety of forms which can change from class to class. It requires a high level of trust and collaboration among the teaching staff, which is readily evident in Presentation. The main methods are:

  • Station Teaching
  • Parallel Teaching
  • Alternative teaching
  • Teaming
  • One teaching, one assisting

Teacher Peer Observation

Staff in Presentation Secondary School routinely observe each other’s practice and learn from one another. This practice makes the best use possible of the resources, ideas and expertise already available among our highly trained, innovative teaching staff. Through this process we critically reflect and evaluate our practices in order to improve teaching and learning in the school.

Teacher peer observation gives us the opportunity to plan, observe and execute new teaching methodologies so that we can ensure our classroom practices are the best that they can be. It can also help us to achieve our whole school improvement plan aims. This type of collegial collaboration is internationally recognised as best practice in schools.