Choir & Musical Society

The arts and music are a very important part of life in Presentation Castleisland. Not only do they reinforce subjects such as music and art but they also provide opportunities for our students to work as a team, to develop their confidence and share their talents and artistic abilities with others.


Presentation Castleisland Choir has over fifty members across all year groups. This group of wonderful singers in dynamic and enthusiastic and new members are always most welcome. The choir comes together once a week to practice vocal production and learn new music. We sing music from all genres and learn about vocal techniques which can improve our sound and protect our voices. The choir also has a choir hoodie that they wear when going on trips and for rehearsals.

We have produced and recorded out own CD and performed at many exciting events and occasions at a national and local level. We have recorded out own CD and been asked to record This Is Me for the SOAR Foundation Website. We were the only Youth Choir in Kerry to sing for Pope Francis’ most recent visit to Ireland. We have performed for Jigsaw Ireland, Ceiliuradh na nOg, the Padraig O’Keeffe Festival and we have also been fortunate to work with Veronica McCarron, Dr Noirin Ni Riain, Jake Carter, John Spillane and Philip Myer Productions, The Kilorglin Men’s Social Club Choir.
We always enjoy engaging with our local community especially at Christmas when we sing for the local Day Care Centre, at Garvey’s Supervalu and for the turning on of the Christmas Tree lights at the Ballygarry House Hotel and at Nana Bea’s.


Musical Society

The musical society in Presentation Castleisland was founded in the year 2000. The school has the great advantage of having its own stage and lighting system in St. John’s Hall which provides us with an ideal venue for performances in our own school.

The Musical Society has had great success over the past 21 years and has performed to full houses, and received many standing ovations along the way for the wonderful performances that have been presented. Musicals such as Annie, A Christmas Carol, The Sound of Music, Oliver have all been presented along with extracts from My Fair Lady and The Music of Andrew Llyod Webber.

Both the Music Department and the Art Department contribute greatly to this society. The art Department helps with props, scenery and costumes. The provision of live music for each performance is facilitated by our Music Dept.

The society has roles for people who want to work in any aspect of the production of a musical – acting, producing, lighting, make-up, costume, choreography, sound and backstage management. In this way the whole school community can become involved. It truly is a society for all.