Pastoral Care

We have a whole-school approach to pastoral care and have a suite of supports in place to ensure the holistic development of each individual student. We strive to ensure that all students are supported throughout their time in Presentation so that they become well rounded mature adults who reach their full potential.

The Student Support Team has responsibility for the care and support of all students and particularly those students who are vulnerable and in need of additional support to participate fully in school. The Student Support Team meets every two weeks to identify students in difficulty, consider their needs and put bespoke arrangements in place to support those students. The Student Support Team consists of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Wellbeing Coordinator and Guidance Counsellor. The SENCO advises and supports those students who are having learning difficulties and coordinates a number of specific supports.

The Year Heads provide academic and personal support to all the students in their year. They monitor the educational progress of each student. They hold regular assemblies with the year group to further support students They are aided in their task by individual class tutors.


Wellbeing Room

The Wellbeing Room is available for students who for whatever reason need a time-out from the normal school day. It is a peaceful place where students can relax and refocus before returning to the main classroom again. It is used as a positive strategy to help student focus on learning in the classroom.

Outside Agencies

If the student’s needs fall beyond the professional expertise of the in-school team, a recommendation will be made to the parents/guardians regarding the availability of appropriate external services and referral will be discussed as appropriate.