Content & Language Integrated Learning

Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland has been selected from a large number of schools to take part in the DES Pilot Project for Content and Language Integrated Learning 2019-2022 (CLIL), which will be led by JCT. We are one of five Second Level schools selected for this pilot project.

This is a three year pilot project where students from Schools where English is the usual language spoken will be provided with opportunities to engage in and benefit from learning other curricular subjects through Irish.

All participating class groups are in the First year of Junior Cycle. Student’s linguistic abilities and learning needs in terms of both Irish and target subject areas will be taken into account by the teachers planning these lessons.

Presentation Secondary School is focusing on History, Physical Education & Maths for this pilot project. It will take place over a period of eight weeks spanning the second and third terms of the school year.

In the first four weeks teachers will begin to introduce Irish into the classroom, covering basics like the Irish for ‘keywords’, ‘Learning outcomes’, and focusing on strategies to build up a foundation, competence and confidence around the language, in order for the student to be comfortable in using the language.

The second four weeks will be the period where the subject is taught through Irish, incorporating various methodologies within the classroom setting.

Each school has been appointed an advisor from the JCT who will work closely with the teachers who will be participating in the project.

CLIL is an internationally recognized approach to teaching and learning languages. By adopting the CLIL approach to teaching, English medium schools will be able to provide a more focused approach to teaching Irish, while also addressing students learning needs in the chosen subject area by:

  • Increasing exposure of students to Irish by extending the use of Irish as a medium of communication and instruction in real contexts beyond Irish language lessons.
  • Supporting the development of a students’ higher-order cognitive , critical and thinking skills
  • Improving students’ motivation and knowledge in both the Irish language and the subject
  • Developing students’ cultural awareness and knowledge
  • Developing students’ learning and communication strategies
  • Improving students’ confidence and competence in using Irish
  • Exploiting and integrating opportunities for language acquisition and content learning in other curricular areas