Fifth Year Book Reviews

February 18, 2024


Paper Lantern  Literary Journal  – 5th Year  Book Reviews.    

‘’The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.   Mark Twain

The benefits of reading are many. Reading improves focus and concentration.   It enriches vocabularyboosts creativityand exposes you to new ideas.  Writing , as an extension activity to reading  is also hugely beneficial  to learningWriting  articles, summaries and book reviews helps you develop as a writer and improves your critical communication skills.  Some committed readers from 5t h  Year,  Presentation Secondary School , Castleisland recently undertook writing book reviews for  the Arts Council sponsored  Paper Lantern Literary Journal ‘’Paper Lanterns’’  acts  as a platform for publishing and promoting young writers and artists so they are seen and  heard. Free books are offered  by  ‘’Lanterns’’  in exchange for reviews published in the magazines which are issued three times a year .

The students thoroughly enjoyed the task.  

Ella Fitzgerald and Maire Daly  said.  We had to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each book and explain why , whic h improved our critical analysis skills’’, while  Sarah O Connor said ,  ‘’Making judgements based on objective criteriah elps you form your own opinion’’.

Charlie O Keeffe and Colene O Callaghan agreed  that reviewing  was hugely beneficial, ‘You are the director, producer,  editor , actor and costume designer of each text . The whole story goes according to your imagination’’ 

Well done girls and keep up the good work. Ms. O’Shea.