Launching the TY Language Building Mural

May 18, 2024

As part of their Think Languages initiative, the TY class of 2024 put their creative, organisational and teamwork skills together to create a memorable mural for the language building here in Pres Castleisland. Wanting to promote awareness, inclusion, acceptance and tolerance of all the cultures
and languages present in our school community, they based their theme on the
Friends TV series, where each episode begins with.. “The one where..”. Last
Friday, Mr Dargan officially launched

“ The one where we are all friends”.

Those of you who are fans of the TV series will also recognise the frame chosen as a classic from the famous NY apartment in the show. A lot of hard work and
research went into the representation of each country and language. A huge
congratulations to the team behind this work of art, Fiona McSweeney, Lauren
Coffey, Erin O’Connor , Deirdre Moynihan (and Lucy McKenna absent from photo). Merci & Gracias for your legacy to languages.