The school has an active and very supportive Parents’ Association. The Parents Association are consulted in relation to policy development.
The parent information evenings held in September for the parents of each year group are an important part of the academic year. Parents are
strongly encouraged to use the students journal to communicate with the school. It organizes an annual flag-day and has held a number of very successful events down through the years. The funds raised have helped the school to up-grade computer facilities and to purchase other
educational resources.
The work and help of parents and the support of the local community is greatly appreciated. The school acknowledges all the hard work that the Parents Association put in to supporting the school. The school recognises that this fundraising benefits the school in many ways. Indeed in 2012 through the generosity of the Parents Association, the school now has two Social Activity areas,monitors throughout the school informing the school community of what is going on and gates around the school.