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L.C.V.P. Information Technology

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme was introduced into the school several years ago with great success thus far. To the students who opt for it, L.C.V.P. provides an extra Leaving Certificate subject which is now recognised, in terms of points, by Institutes of Technology and
Universities. L.C.V.P. offers an activity based subject, which gives the students a look at the world of work and, more importantly, gives them a
confidence in their own abilities as individuals. Students are encouraged to organise activities and events themselves, while learning about the practical realities of work.
All L.C.V.P. students go on work experience in November of fifth year. This benefits them greatly as they get first hand experience of the work place. Students also visit local businesses to investigate how these enterprises are run. Team work and co-operation forman integral part of the
programme. Activities of L.C.V.P. classes in the past have included production of a school magazine, table quizzes, an activity day, and various other fundraising events. Monies raised from these activities are donated to various charitable organisations locally in Kerry.

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