Rainbow Colour Day 2021- LGBTQI+ Stand-up Awareness Week

November 25, 2021

Last Friday, November 19th, our school celebrated Rainbow Colour Day. After a week of awareness raising focusing on discrimination and bullying it was the perfect way to end the week on a high note. It was a day full of colour and activity with students and teachers all wearing rainbow colours in support of our LGBTQI+ community.

We started the morning outside under our rainbow balloon arch with some music and the atmosphere was electric with everyone in great spirits. Then each class group got involved in making our Rainbow Colour Wall. Each student put their hand in their chosen colour of paint and placed their hand print on the board. The idea being that we are all in this together as a school community, working together to ensure that we are accepting of each other and choosing not to bully or discriminate against anyone. This solidarity board will always be kept in our school as a reminder of the agreement we have made. Well done to all students who during the week made fantastic posters and helped overall make the week such a success by getting involved in all activities. Please check out our Instagram and Tik Tok for more information about our awareness week.