Senior Cycle RSE Workshop

March 19, 2023

Tomorrow, March 20th our 6th year students will take part in a four-hour Relationships and Sexuality Education workshop with South West Counselling, which will be delivered by Grace Ó Sé. Southwest Counselling have been delivering sex education to schools all over Kerry and beyond for the past 10 years, and Grace began to work alongside SWC in 2021. Grace has been a sex & relationships educator for seven years.

In the workshop, students will receive information about consent, boundaries, communication, LGBTIQ+ identities, anatomy, healthy relationships, body image and messages from the media. Throughout the workshop Grace will encourage and promote ‘help seeking’ behaviour: encouraging young people to think about at least one adult they can approach for support in their lives, and where to find good support, no matter what issue they are facing. The programme adopts a sex-positive approach, meaning that it places value on being informed and compassionate, rather than shaming ourselves or others. Kindness, empathy, respect, inclusivity, tolerance and being open to learning are encouraged throughout the workshops, as well as sharing factual, evidence-based information.

It will be a very informative and worthwhile day. We look forward to welcoming Grace to our school tomorrow.