The Big Dig

October 4, 2022

First Year students visited the town park in Tralee last Friday and experienced what it was like to be an archaeologist for the day. They excavated a Viking house and as they dug through the site, the girls unearthed many Viking treasures and artefacts like swords, urns, pottery etc., dating back to one thousand years. They also learned about the lives of Viking ancestors as history was brought to life by qualified archaeologists.
Later the students visited the Geraldine museum and were transported back in time to the Bronze Age, Medieval times and right up to the early twentieth Century. There was something intriguing for everyone, like the duelling pistols used by Daniel O’Connell, Tom Crean’s exhibition to the South Pole back in 1912 and the Aud, the boat in which Roger Casement attempted to smuggle arms for the 1916 Rising.
The highlight of the visit however was the medieval experience where the students walked through the reconstructed medieval streets of Tralee which was founded in 1216. Some students tried out the stocks which were used as punishment for thieves and those who broke the curfew after 6pm. Overall, it was a very enjoyable and educational day out for everyone.