A Colourful Celebration of Characters for World Book Day

March 7, 2024

Students and teachers today celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as characters from their favourite novels. From wizards to heroes, our school buzzed with the energy of literary figures brought to life.

The event showcased the creativity of participants, who put effort into crafting costumes that captured the essence of their chosen characters. Familiar faces like Harry Potter and Hermione from “The Harry Potter series” and Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” roamed the halls, embodying different worlds and journeys.

Teachers joined in, too, sharing their love of literature by dressing up as beloved characters. From Cruella di Ville and her Dalmatians to the Cat in the Hat to Miss Marple, educators engaged students in fun ways, fostering a love of reading.

World Book Day highlights the joy of reading and the diverse stories that enrich our lives. It encourages us to explore new worlds through books and celebrates the timeless joy of getting lost in a good story.