Beach Clean Up at Banna.

October 23, 2023

Our Second Year Students brought Climate Action Week to a close by completing a clean up at Banna Beach last Friday.This initiative is sponsored by An Taisce’s Beach Clean Up Programme which helps to reduce plastic and marine pollution on our beaches.
Bags, gloves and litter pickers were at hand and all the students enjoyed the challenge of gathering as much litter as possible, while enjoying the magnificent sand and sea at Banna Beach.
Marine litter comes from a range of land and sea based activities and sources can be plastic, rubber, rope or glass. Most of the litter was plastic and small pieces of hard plastic are the most dangerous for marine life. Plastic kills approximately 100,000 turtles worldwide, including 30,000 seals and up to one million sea birds, due to either entanglement or injestion.
7 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year and every clean up, no matter how small can make a difference. Well done to all who took part!