Bodywhys- Be Body Positive School Talks

April 16, 2024

We are delighted this week to welcome Bodywhys Ireland to our school. Bodywhys are the eating disorder association of Ireland. The aim of their programme, ‘Be Body Positive’ is to encourage discussion in the area of body image and self-esteem, to provide relevant information on eating disorders and to help to explore and challenge media stereotypes related to appearance. 

Body image has been highlighted as an area for concern not only by teachers and those working with young people but also by young people themselves. Recent research by the Ombudsman for Children tells us that 65% of young people indicated body image concerns made them feel depressed or anxious (A Piece of my Mind report 2023). Further research in Ireland also indicates that 44% of Irish adolescents are dissatisfied with their appearance (My World Survey 2 2019). It is our hope that by supporting schools to engage with young people on this that we can go some way towards helping to alleviate the pressures in this area.

What the “Be Body Positive” Programme will involve:

The programme runs for 80 minutes in the school setting and each programme will be delivered by a trained Bodywhys Youth Development Officer. The content of the programme was devised based on the feedback of young people aged 15-18 and was obtained through focus groups.

Programme content:

Understanding Eating Disorders:

  • Information about the three most common types of eating disorders
  • Understanding eating disorders and how they develop
  • Potential physical & mental side effects of eating disorders
  • Risk factors involved in developing an eating disorder
  • Recovery supports & treatment options available

Body Image & Self Esteem: Discussion on body image & self-esteem

The impact of media & social media on body image

Parents please note; if you have concerns regarding your daughter attending this talk please let the school know before this Thursday April 18th, as the talk will take place on Friday.