French Challenge 2023

March 22, 2023

To acknowledge the annual celebration of the French speaking world, this year our students participated in a French challenge which encouraged them to step outside their “zone de confort” and challenge themselves with new French experiences.. They became Duolingo experts, navigated their phone menus en français, texted each other in French for fun and included their families, created French playlists, read a variety of resources from The 3 little pigs to articles on protests on pension reform! Some students even began to follow French speaking celebrities on social media including Killian Mbappé and Mika! Others discovered that most of their beauty products came from France ! And finally.. food!! A lunchtime cheese tasting provided some authentic wares… All in all this year’s challenge was a super successful event represented by all year groups from 1st to 5th year. Bravo les filles.