October 25, 2022

Maths Week Ireland was celebrated in the school last week from 15th to 21st Oct. The maths dept in the school endeavour to improve students’ attitudes to maths and consequently improve & develop their mathematical skills. Students from all year groups embraced the fun & challenges provided during maths week. This year our 5th yr students organised & ran our annual whole school Number COUNTDOWN competition. The competition found both staff & students competing for the daily prize with great enthusiasm and excitement, while at the same time sub conscientiously improving numeric skills. Here at the Pres, school spirit was enhanced while our students participated in a variety of maths activities during both their maths classes & breaktimes which included problem solving puzzles, numeric crosswords, sudoku and maths riddles. We in the Pres try to empower our maths students to develop skills in thinking higher cognitively and to train them to solve independently while enjoying the process. The week raised the profile of Mathematics in the school and no matter what age, background, ability one is, the week showed that maths can be useful, enriching and fun. We can always count on Maths !