TY Driver Education – School of Excellence

May 16, 2022

Today, Transition Year students participated in a practical course with the Irish Driving School of Excellence titled introduction to driving. The day began with individual and group driving lessons in Castleisland Desmonds GAA club. Thank you to the GAA club for the use of their facilities. Students then participated in a variety of sport and coordination challenges whilst wearing goggles that mimicked the viewpoint a driver under the unfluence of drugs or alcohol would have. Students were taught how to change a tyre and had to apply this knowledge working in teams to successfully change a tyre without adult assistance. Students also learned about the car engine and how to fix and avoid problems beneath the bonnet. After the practical skills element of the course students spent the afternoon learning the rules of the road and how to successfully approach the driver theory test. They were also taught how to analyse car advertisements and search for a suitable learner driver vehicle. Thank you to Bernard and his team of instructors for spending the day with our Transition Year students and providing such a worthwhile experience for all.