Welcoming our International Students- Trip to Crag Caves

September 30, 2022

Last week, we got the opportunity to visit our local attraction Crag Caves with our wonderful international students. It was a great chance for us to showcase what we have in our marvelous town. The pictures speak for themselves of how our day went. Smiling happy faces all round for the whole day, and o what a glorious day we had for a walk. The sun shone, the caves were explored , numerous conversations were had over lots of cups of tea, along with yummy sandwiches and homemade cookies, what a treat! The girls were enthralled by the beautiful ponies outside and as you can see from the pictures even the colourful mushrooms on the lawn provided entertainment. It was a perfect bonding experience which helped all our girls to get to know each other a little better. We look forward to the year ahead with these enthusiastic girls and wish them luck for their time ahead in Presentation. Thanks also to Ms. Murphy for joining us on the trip.