Wellness Week 2023

January 15, 2023

Wellness Week will take place this week from January 16th-20th in our school. We are looking forward to a week of really focusing on our wellbeing and reminding ourselves of the importance of it. January is a month where we set goals, so this week we aim to remind ourselves to stay focused on those goals and motivate ourselves to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing. Students will get involved in a variety of activities, all to boost their mental and physical health. Zumba, walking, mindfulness and meditation are just to mention a few of the activities that will take place for the week. We are also looking forward to welcoming Dr. Karen Weekes, who will attend our school to chat about resilience and motivation to our exam students,. Later in the week, The Maria Keating Foundation will do workshops with our senior year groups. Overall it promises to be a fun and informative week ahead for both staff and students of the school. We hope everyone enjoys it!