World Mental Health Day and Clang with Jigsaw

October 9, 2022

Tomorrow, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. It is also the start of Clang with Jigsaw. Clang with Jigsaw is a 5 day, wellbeing challenge aimed at supporting people during tough times and encouraging people to know how to help their mental health on a daily basis. Clang stands for; Connect, Learn, get Active, take Notice and Give. This is the 5 a day to support your mental wellbeing. Research has proven that by doing these 5 things daily, you can support your mental wellbeing. Our lead student for Jigsaw in the school is Aoife Fleming and tomorrow she will visit classes and hand out our Clang cards which challenge you to do 5 clang activities for the next week. Our cycle on Tuesday for Cycle Against Suicide will be the active and give box ticked for all. Keep an eye also on our wellbeing padlet this week with plenty of information on how to help your mental health. These activities will encourage you to support your own mental health and also raise awareness for youth mental health. We hope you have a good week! Enjoy!